One long neck boi duck to save the rest of the ducks from imminent doom and a fiery death of an incoming meteor.  He's got the longest neck, so he's the best shot they have. Taking the magic ball up into space and tossing it into the incoming meteor will save their little ducky world. 

In Development

I recommend downloading, but it is playable on the web.


Make sure to click on the screen when the game is loaded so your mouse stays in place.

Move: A and D

Run: Left Shift

Jump: Space Bar

Move neck and head with mouse

Pause/Quit: Escape

Assets created by: 



Install instructions

Download to preferred directory and unzip. Double click the DirbbleDuck.exe

Download to preferred directory and unzip.
Open up a terminal to directory where dirbbleDuck is located. 
chmod +x ./dirrbleDuck.x86 to make it an executable.


Download 20 MB
Download 25 MB


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I've spent so much time with my duck's head in its crotch in order to carry the darn ball and beat my high scores lol.

this is a great game and i want to thank u for the hour of my life that was totally well spent.

Haha, I'm glad you liked it. I hope you come back when I release more updates! :)


I laughed a lot with this duck...😂

Well done...👍


Thanks for playing! :)


Had a pretty good time, but was getting a tad frustrated with the neck. I think it's super cool that it's controlled by the mouse, but you should lock the cursor and clamp the rotation of the neck. Definite "Getting Over it Vibes", and I think it could turn into something sick af.


Thanks! Still a lot of kinks to work out, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!